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Member Forum Guidelines

This forum is a conflict-free and safe environment. Only those with a Member account and sufficient privileges may post comments here. If you would like to comment here but don’t have an account yet, you can register here. If you already have an account you can log in here. 

New Members
Note that the first comments from new Members are automatically held for moderation to ensure the authenticity of the new account. We aim to verify and approve such pending comments as quickly as possible, but we do not administer the site 24 hours per day. Your patience is appreciated. Once your first comment is approved, your following ones will be automatically approved.

Disparaging remarks and personal attacks cannot be tolerated. We ask that you please be respecful to the Owners, Moderators and other Members at all times including — when publicly-displayed appended to the Member’s name or otherwise expressed — the proper use of preferred personal pronouns. You may expect the same courtesy in return from your fellow Members.

Inappropriate Content
Inapproriate language or images are not permitted here, neither is spam (links to other sites for marketing purposes). Inappropriate content will be deleted and the Owners shall decide what action may be necessary and appropriately taken, including but not limited to temporary or permanent revocation of Membership privileges. We trust such action will never become necessary.

Public Forum
Please note that this is a public forum. Do not share any personal information (yours or that of other Members) such as email address or phone number. While only Members can post comments, this page is visible to the general public so please keep this in mind when you consider what information to share. Posting personal information about other Members is known as “doxxing” and is grounds for having membership and posting privileges revoked.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperaton. These Guidelines will be updated periodically as required. Updated: May 2023