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film & television production Kitohcikew

financiers APTN | SCN | Canadian Television Fund

released 2008

run time 52 minutes

project type Documentary Film

director Jim Compton


Kitohcikew is a one-hour biographical documentary that takes the viewer inside a culture that has been mentally, physically and spiritually tainted by the effects of Canadian colonization. Winston Wuttunee, an award winning Cree entertainer, has made it his life’s mission to improve the well being of Native individuals and communities across Canada. Drawing upon the holistic principles that have guided his people throughout history, Winston has harnessed the transformative powers of music and comedic performance. He has also initiated education and healthy living programs to mend a devastated collective identity. An extraordinary story of challenge, determination and healing, Kitohcikew reveals a rejuvenation of Aboriginal culture in Canada which has been long awaited. This documentary, directed by Jim Compton, was produced by our sister company, Atoshkewin Productions.

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