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Catch The Dream Bios
Catch The Dream Bios

film & television production Catch The Dream Bios

financiers APTN | Canada Media Fund

released 2014

run time 5 x 30 minutes

project type Documentary Series

director Jeremy Edwardes | Jesse Green


Catch The Dream Bios is a limited documentary series hosted by Indigenous actor Adam Beach and features his story along with other inspiring Aboriginal celebrities. This list includes actor and NHL hockey star Jordan Nolan, actress and model Ashley Callingbull, actress Michelle Thrush and author and guitarist Stevie Salas. We learn about their ambitions and the challenges they faced and adversities they overcame. The journey to each destination follows its own path, but each Dreamer passes the same waypoints along the way: Faith, desire, struggle and success. This series explores the collective experience of those who persevered, whose experience was transformational and magical and an inspiration to others. Catch The Dream Bios was written by Jim Compton and Jesse Green and was produced by our sister company, Stonecast Pictures.

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