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film & television production Amplify

financiers APTN | Canada Media Fund

released 2020

run time 13 x 30 minutes

project type Documentary Series

director Shane Belcourt


With Amplify we want to get to the heart of the thing. We want to expose meaning and connections that reveal themselves within a process of creating. In each of 13 episodes, a new up-and-coming musician is paired with a work of art from another discipline or key historic event and invited to create a new song that best encapsulates their inspiration. Imagine, if you will, an artist like Iskwe taking Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed and turning the essence of that seminal work into a new song, or perhaps Logan Staats attempting to turn Daphne Odjig’s visionary Indian in Transition painting into a song. In each case, we track not only the journey of the artist as they create the piece — from diary cam footage to in-studio rehearsals — but also delve into the greater meaning and connection this inspiration has within their own lives and at this point of time. The journey culminates in the finished product — the new song — and that means each episode ends with a unique live performance of a new work. Throughout the episode, the up-and-coming musician will also be “bio-doc’d” allowing for excerpts of different live performances from their careers to be shown, and for the audience to come to know their voices and get a full sense of their sound.

video clips